Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Liana was raised by a fairly liberal family in a rather conservative rural community. 

She started questioning her identity when she was 18 years old, being encouraged to do so after someone in her high school class sold T-shirts that read “Love the sinner hate the sin,” which spurred internet controversy for that area.

“It was slow for me. I second guessed myself a lot for the first couple of years,” she said, “but I came to feel very comfortable and at home with that label (bisexual).”

Laura, who is now Liana’s fiancé, was the first person she came out to at 19 as a freshman in college. Upon telling her, Laura said she might be bisexual too. 

“I was annoyed because I felt like she was copying me or stepping on my moment,” Liana laughed. “I have been exceptionally lucky in the reception my coming out has received, but it is still scary every time you tell someone new.

“Take all the time you need but know that there is community, joy and love waiting for you here.”

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