Celebrate aromantic experiences and identities throughout the week and try to teach yourself something new about the spectrum each day. 

Being on the aromantic spectrum is identified as “a romantic orientation, which describes people whose experience of romance is disconnected from normative societal expectations, often due to experiencing little to no romantic attraction, or sometimes feeling repulsed by romance or being uninterested in romantic relationships.”

This recognition generally is the first full week following Valentine’s Day. Arospecweek.org noted that folks who identified as such had a hard time fitting into the community and developed the week to share experiences among one another.

“This week was first recognized from November 10th-17th in 2014, under the name Aromantic Awareness Week; in 2015, it was moved to late February, and the name was changed to Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week to be more specifically inclusive of all arospec identities.”

Happy knowledge hunting!

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