We wish you all a beautiful and prosperous 2022, and to hopefully stop pondering 2020 still. Here are some notable dates for LGBTQ folks this year:

February 2022 LGBTQ holidays: February (all month) - UK LGBTQ History Month; February 7 (Monday) - National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day; Week following Valentine’s Day (February 14, Monday) - Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week
March 2022 LGBTQ holidays: March 1 (Tuesday) - Zero Discrimination Day;
March 31 (Thursday) - International Transgender Day of Visibility;
Last week of March - LGBTQ Health Awareness Week
April 2022 LGBTQ Holidays: April 6 (Wednesday) - International Asexuality Day;
April 8 (Friday) - Day of Silence;
April 26 (Tuesday)  - Lesbian Visibility Day
May 2022 LGBTQ holidays: May 1 (First Sunday of May) - International Family Equality Day (IFED);
May 16 (Monday) - Honor our LGBTQ Elders Day;
May 17 (Tuesday) - International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia;
May 19 (Thursday) - National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day;
May 19 (Thursday) - Agender Pride Day;
May 22 (Sunday) - Harvey Milk Day;
May 24 (Tuesday) - International Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness and Visibility Day;
May 24 (Tuesday) - Pansexual Pride Day
June 2022 LGBTQ Holidays: June (all month) - Pride Month;
June 12 (Sunday) - Pulse Night of Remembrance;
June 28 (Tuesday) - Stonewall Riots Anniversary
July 2022 LGBTQ Holidays: July 14 (Thursday) - International Nonbinary People’s Day;
July 16 (Saturday) - International Drag Day
There are no known August 2022 LGBTQ holidays.
September 2022 LGBTQ Holidays: September 17-24 (Saturday-Saturday)- Bisexual Awareness Week;
September 23 (Friday) - Celebrate Bisexuality Day;
September 27 (Thursday) - National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
October 2022 LGBTQ Holidays: October (all month) - U.S. LGBTQ History Month;
October 8 (Saturday) - International Lesbian Day;
October 11 (Tuesday) - National Coming Out Day;
October 15 (Saturday) - National Latino HIV/AIDS Awareness Day;
October 17 (Monday) - International Pronouns Day;
October 19 (Wednesday) - National LGBT Center Awareness Day;
October 20 (Thursday) - Spirit Day;
October 26 (Third Wednesday in October) - Intersex Awareness Day;
Last week of October (Sunday-Saturday, 23-29) - Asexuality Awareness Week
November 2022 LGBTQ Holidays: November (all month) - Transgender Awareness Month;
November 6 (first Sunday of November) - TransParent Day;
November 8 (Tuesday) - Intersex Day of Remembrance (Intersex Solidarity Day);
Second week of November (Sunday-Saturday, 13-19) - Transgender Awareness Week;
November 20 (Sunday) - Transgender Day of Remembrance
December 2022 LGBTQ Holidays: December 1 (Thursday) - World AIDS Day;
December 10 (Saturday) - Human Rights Day

Dates courtesy of this site, this one and this one. Calendar art courtesy of @gardeniaresilia on Twitter.

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