Pronouns: He/Him/His and They/Them/Theirs

After realizing he felt different at 3 years old, Ev described his situation growing up as “shitty.” 

However, when he was in fifth grade, he felt that he/him felt better. 

“When I got a phone, I started seeing how big the LGBTQ community was,” Ev explained. “I started looking into it and realized that was me.” 

His emotions were mixed as he knew not everyone would use the new pronouns or even approve of it.

He first came out to his school counselor in 8th grade, and he was pretty accepting of it, Ev said. 

“He was asking me questions and we talked about it, but he still forgot at times.

“I was thinking, ‘Woah, he respects it. Would other people too?’”

But after taking the leap and coming out to his family, most of them didn’t take it well and Ev closed himself off again.

But despite these hardships, Ev said not to rush it when deciding when to come out. “When you’re ready you will know, and come out to one person — if they approve, have them there when you come out for support.”

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