• Bake a rainbow cake with “it’s a girl” “it’s a boy” “it’s a gay” etc. 
  • Ask mom or dad to come over for help and stand in a closet. When they arrive tell them you’re stuck but walk out of the closet after they try and open it. 
  • (What I did) “Hey mom, ya know how you always wanted a daughter? Well, do I have a surprise for you.”
  • Make a very elegant letter and envelope and have it addressed to you. Then, have it delivered to work, home or school. Open it up and read it out loud “You have been selected to be (insert any LGBTQIA+) please respond as to when you will be available for further corispondence regarding the gay agenda” 
  • When a friend asks if you’re free to hang out. Let them know you’ll have to look at your gay agenda and schedule and you’ll get back to them” 
  • Ask a friend for advice and when they ask what inform them that your free trial of “the straight life” expired and you’re probably not going to renew it. 
  • Knock-knock joke: “Who’s there?” “Me” “Me, who?” – “Me, coming out to you right now”
  • While attempting to hang something up, ask, “Does this look straight?” You know what to do from there
  • Come out to some very close friends
  • Post it on any social media platform and have individuals from the item right above this be there for support. It can go really well or not so much. The support definitely makes a difference. 

Come out when you are ready and feel safe enough to do so. Don’t sacrifice your safety, security or sanity. If you need help or support, reach out. There’s absolutely no shame in asking for help. We’d rather read your coming out story than your obituary.

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