At a recent Oshkosh Area School District (Wis.) Board of Education meeting, public commenters threatened members for being “ignorant or compliant” to a “fake” pandemic and demanded they not require their children to mask on campuses district-wide. 

Just a few weeks prior, the board walked out of their regularly-scheduled in-person meeting because protesters made their way inside and refused to wear masks as per building requirements.

This has also been common nationwide as school mask mandates begin to rise amid a sharp increase of COVID-19 cases. 

Other common council and board of administrator groups have been under attack lately for reinstating mask ordinances, among other things, such as undergoing the redistricting process. 

While news outlets tackle the inner workings of what goes on in the White House and how it affects us citizens, one thing that gets widely overlooked is something right beneath our noses. 

And though this topic isn’t directly related to the LGBTQ community, guess what? You can make it that way. 

Hell, just take a look at Aaron here — he just recently helped the city council he’s on adopt a symbolic resolution to show the city is in support of the state of Wisconsin banning conversion therapy. 

Local, municipal governments are what keep us alive — not to sound dramatic or anything, but it’s true. They are what connects us to electricity, water, plumbing, heat, air conditioning and more. 

This website here further exemplifies it by saying that local governments “plan and pay for most roads, run public schools … organize police and fire services, establish zoning regulations, license professions and arrange elections.”

Allow me to articulate in ways specifically put by this Canadian local government guide: “The decisions local governments make play an important role in building healthy communities, which in turn help citizens to live healthier lives.”

And this isn’t just me saying you should run for a seat on your local government board — getting involved in local government is as easy as stepping up and speaking on behalf of resolutions and ordinances going through their agenda. 

Most medium to large city government websites have clear-cut ways to sign up for public comment on related or unrelated agenda items. Sign up and help them understand what changes you want to see in your own community. Trust me — they love to hear from people just as passionate as they are. 

And with this action, you become an integral part of policymaking at your local level. How hard is that to do on Pennsylvania Avenue? Even the White House has an entire page showing how crucial it is to be involved in one’s local proceedings however they can.

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