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“I like you but most trans people are [negative adjective]. You’re not like that; it’s refreshing.”
We are all individuals. There are bad apples in every bunch. Do not define me by the majority or what you’ve seen on the news or heard from others.

“Oh so you’re a democrat?”
No. Please do not assume our political stance. Like genders, there are more than two.

“So what bathroom do you go in?”
Why does it matter? Despite what the media may tell you, we’re not in there for any other reason than to go pee.

“Can you have kids still?” or “What if you want kids?
If we want kids we’ll find a way. I mean, we’re transgender — we’ve already been forced to be resourceful.

“So you like (men/women) now?”
My gender and sexuality are two different things. Just because I’m a transgender woman doesn’t mean I can’t be a lesbian.

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