As a budding professional, it’s come to my mind several times before if I should tag my pronouns at the end of my already-lengthy email signature. As the number of LGBTQ+ folks are on the rise, it wouldn’t surprise me if doing this will become more commonplace. 

According to, “gender is not always that simple,” which is a great (and simple) way to explain it. “Sometimes a person’s gender identity doesn’t align with their gender expression. And not everyone identifies as just male or female.”

And Jame Wareham at Forbes really puts it straight: it normalizes the discussion around gender in a professional setting. And he’s right.

However, the thing that needs to be normalized is for cisgender folks (or those whose gender identity is in line with what’s assigned to them at birth) to normalize putting theirs too. Help foster discussion around gender identity in the workplace. 

“With only seconds to make the impression in your email to get a response – or a follow on your socials – showing your pronouns could be the difference between the click that you need,” Wareham wrote.

It’s also a simple solution to misgendering, which is described in the article as embarrassing and hurtful to the referenced and misgendered individual. 

The idea is short, sweet and to the point. Make it easier for trans and nonbinary folks to be properly addressed and let them be comfortable doing it.

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