Pronouns: He/Him/His

Bob grew up in Philadelphia and went to a Catholic Elementary School, but didn’t start questioning his sexuality until his mid-30s.

When he came out to his wife a few years ago, it didn’t go well, essentially throwing his life into a “tailspin.” Though his adult daughters have been quite supportive and understanding, his now wife had a horrible reaction. 

“She was devastated and thought I’ve lied to her [through] our whole marriage,” Bob said. “Overall, I’m glad it happened. It was necessary for me to be me.”

After his wife’s reaction, he was taken aback by how it went. He didn’t think it would have changed their situation but it ultimately had. But now he says it’s no secret; people who matter know that he is bisexual. 

“If it comes up or someone makes an incorrect assumption of my sexuality, I’ll correct them,” he said. “I thought about a social media post just to tell everyone but my wife is dead set against it. I feel better about who I am but grieve the loss of my marriage.

“Now that I am comfortable with the identity I’d like to be connected to people like me,” he continued.  “It’s nice to meet and communicate with people with similar life experiences to help better understand ourselves and our place in the world.”

And outside of physical danger, Bob said he doesn’t see the benefit of hiding who you are. 

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