In September last year, a father-to-be was brought to his knees – literally – after a mishap with a gender reveal device loaded with colored smoke to reveal the sex of he and his wife’s baby on the way. 

The Massachusetts couple got a surprise when the pre-loaded smoke bombs discharged the wrong way, one of which into the groin of the husband, Tom Cresotti. His wife, Kristin, thought they both were holding them the correct way listed in the instructions. 

The couple blamed it on the “unclear” instructions.

Though memorable – and slightly unfortunate – some gender reveal parties don’t go as planned and cause a lot more damage than some painful blue balls. 

Just as a few examples:

You can find these incidents all over the internet. I won’t go that deep.

Needless to say, some families feel the need to go above and beyond a safe way to reveal their soon-to-be-birthed child’s sex: guns, airplanes, fires… pipe bombs… 

However, there is one person to thank for being wholesome out of all of this: blogger Jenna Karvunidis. Noting some of these recent gender reveal parties to be “nightmares,” it is believed that she did hers in a safe manner, revealing the sex of her child in 2008 surrounded by loved ones eating pink cake. After posting about it on her blog, it went viral.

The cool thing to come from all of this is this article I found from 2019 saying that her views on gender have changed. Icon? I think so. 

But when she saw some of these parties get out of hand, she felt she caused it all.

“When I first saw that a gender reveal party had caused a forest fire I cried because I felt responsible,” Karvunidis said in an article from The Guardian. “But here’s the thing – when planes crash no one goes after the Wright brothers.

“… The problem is they overemphasize one aspect of a person. I had two more kids but I never had another gender reveal party.”

All that said, gender reveal parties aren’t all that exciting to me – even (especially?) the dangerous ones. It shares something about the child people eventually tell them to avoid (cough cough, middle school sex ed), and it ultimately (though shouldn’t) emphasize how they should act in society. Having a certain kind of genitals doesn’t mean they need to act a certain way. 

Though probably an unpopular opinion at this point, I’ve seen on media and heard from friends that they’re open to having their child grow up in a nonbinary environment with an ungendered name for them to eventually figure it out themselves. I certainly agree with this, but it probably wouldn’t become a norm anytime soon. 

What’s the most extreme gender reveal party you’ve been to?

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