Pronouns: He/Him/His

Kirby was raised in a Catholic household in southern California but doesn’t practice anymore. He’s the youngest of four, among a brother and two sisters, with a “great childhood” playing sports and excelling academically.  

He said he has a wonderful relationship with his parents, who are still together, and talks with them nearly every day.

When he was 18, his car window broke and had to get it repaired next to an adult bookstore, where he’s never been.

“My experiences really only deal with sex,” Kirby explained. “It was a totally different experience. Nothing I ever imagined before or could possibly wrap my head around. The experience was exhilarating. So I went back more and more to try it.”

And when he was 32, he and his now ex-wife shared the same idea, which, with the experiences he had at 18, led him to identify as bisexual. But his ex-wife is the only one who knows about this.

Today, Kirby is remarried with four sons; he said he’s at the movies with them a lot and helps coach baseball, soccer and basketball. 

Though he said he probably won’t tell anybody else unless something comes up, Kirby emphasized to “be yourself and do what you think is right.”

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