Some of us have been there. Hearing all these things we don’t really know how to answer and questioning why someone even had the guts to bring it up in the first place. We’ve compiled just a few but we want to hear if you’ve experienced anything else. Let us know in the comments!

  1. “Who wears the pants in the relationship?” “Who’s the man?” etc.

2. “You act like [brothers/sisters].”

Are you affectionate with your sibling?

3. How do you have sex?

Google is a thing. May we also recommend this and this.

4. “Can I watch?”


5. “Are you interested in a threesome?” / “I’m not interested.”

Good. Neither are we. (Situational response — some folks may be.)

6. “Do you guys know my gay friend and their partner [name]?” 

We don’t know every person who identifies as LGBTQ. Stop asking.

What else have you heard while you’ve been out with your partner?

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