The Human Rights Campaign, alongside Gilead Sciences, will be launching their “My Body, My Health” campaign to educate the public and bring society closer to “a generation free of HIV and stigma.”

“In partnership with minority-led and minority-serving community-based organizations and youth advocates, MBMH centers the lived experiences of Black and Latinx gay and bisexual men and transgender women of color while addressing systemic barriers to care that impact health outcomes for LGBTQ communities of color,” an HRC release reads.

Fast Facts: 

  • There are approximately 1.2 million people living with HIV in the U.S. 
  • 1 in 2 Black gay and bisexual cisgender men will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.
  • 1 in 4 Latinx gay and bisexual cisgender men will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.
  • 1 in 3 transgender women are living with HIV.

The initiative is intended to shed light on life-saving work spearheaded by minority-led and minority-serving organizations. 

“There is still urgent work to be done for those who are historically marginalized,” despite several advancements in biomedical HIV prevention over the years, the release continues. They hope to “break through the barriers and systemic injustice affecting the sexual health of our Black and Latinx LGBTQ communities.”

On their campaign site, folks can request at-home testing kits and find nearby services to better the lives of these marginalized and oftentimes overlooked LGBTQ people of color. 

MBMH’s other goals include: improving the state of sexual health for the LGBTQ community; elevating grassroots organizations that are minority-led and minority-serving; helping end the stigma on HIV and sexuality; and empowering LGBTQ millennials and Gen Z to embrace their sexuality, get tested and use HIV prevention methods. 

Watch one specific story here, and keep track of the campaign on the official initiative website

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