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Stan taught journalism for some time in Chicago — his students helped run a TV station at their school that aired on local access cable.

Through this, he was able to get several connections with musicians and their managers from Warner Brothers for this show for students to interview them.  

During this, his son was into creating his own hip-hop music, and of course Stan wanted to see him succeed in what he was passionate about. They began traveling to Atlanta, Georgia after researching how to book him shows.

At this point, they were going to Atlanta every week, so they just decided to make the move down there. 

Once they arrived, Stan was asked to be the talent coordinator for the Atlanta Underground Music Awards, and he agreed to it. 

Everything is a showcase for that event. For instance, it starts on a Wednesday. You have showcases all week, and on that Sunday, they tape the show. 

“So, I was just done with these showcases and I said, ‘Why don’t we just create an LGBT night?’”

Trans Entertainment Network’s logo.

However, his colleagues were posing to be an issue, saying that people aren’t used to it. 

“And now the ironic thing is, the girl that invited me to be the talent coordinator, she had all the big questions about the gay community and yet, she kept it hidden that she was a lesbian,” Stan laughed.

But the amazing thing, he said, was that they had trans artists from all over the country coming to participate; they had an opportunity to perform. 

They said, “Stan, you gave us a platform to perform; you need to work with us,” to his recollection.

“I saw a niche where there was a lot of talent.”

He decided to do a showcase with trans artists after doing some recordings with them.

“Once I put it out there that there was a showcase, girls came from everywhere — designers, models. Everybody wanted to find a way to participate,” Stan said. He would have models walk designers’ outfits while artists played for the show.

At one point, he was even approached by reality show producers to start a show based on what he was doing. 

“On that day that we came on, it was the highest ratings they ever had in the history of that station. It was supposed to be a 15-minute interview and it turned into two hours. We got a lot of attention but for me, it was all about the girls.”

He wouldn’t go for the opportunity though. 

“It’s about the girls, their struggle and what they go through; it’s about them trying to make it in this world. I’m not going to sell my soul just to have you make an appearance to try and make it with all this drama.”

He didn’t want his girls to focus on being the first or the best — he wants them to focus on themselves, their journeys and who they are as an artist.

Since 2015, Stan has been helping trans artists of all kinds gain traction in the entertainment industry. Trans Entertainment Network is coming on six years in business, and he and Krystal decided to expand. 

Back in Chicago, Stan recalled a beauty company called Fast Track Cosmetics that marketed mostly toward the Black community. It was the first Black cosmetic company that was in a major store like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, he said.

However, he and Krystal were talking about how crucial music was to both of them and how they didn’t want to let that passion die. 

Beauty by TEN’s front page.

“I just felt this would succeed,” he explained. He then started researching for laboratories and other aspects to formulate and create the products. 

Eventually, he and Krystal got the ball rolling. Products were being sent out for testing, and nothing but positive reviews were coming back. 

“I told Krystal we should go ahead and get on the website, start selling. Let’s stop waiting for this to happen.

And for Beauty by TEN, their business has been rolling since 2019. 

For more information on Beauty by TEN’s makeup lines, visit their website here. Krystal’s information and music can be found here and here.

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