Pronouns: She/They

Nina found out she was bisexual when she was just 11 years old, and soon after realized she was also nonbinary a year later.

After coming out some months ago, Nina’s mom slapped her. She said she couldn’t be gay; her mom and grandma never supported the LGBTQ+ community.

“She asked me do I know what ‘sex’ in ‘sexuality’ means, that only sick people can think that they are gay, and that it isn’t normal,” Nina said. “She said she will kick me out of the house if I tell someone my sexuality and gender.

“I knew what ‘sex’ in ‘sexuality’ meant but I didn’t answer. I was scared she would become more angry. I don’t like when someone screams at me, so I just shut up and didn’t say anything more.” 

After this, Nina said she was scared and mostly sad about it. However, when she told her friends it made things a bit better as they were very supportive. 

She also told her aunt, who was supportive as well. 

“She was happy for me,” Nina said. “I felt safe because I knew that I could talk to someone who won’t tell my mom. I always wanted to buy gay flags but my mom won’t let me. 

“I asked my cousin to buy one before I came out, but I had posted on Instagram about my sexuality. My mom saw that and I almost had to delete my account. Now I’m just scared that some of my friends’ parents will tell my mom what I told them.”

At 14 now, Nina is proud of who she is. 

“I don’t care what my mom thinks, but I will need to act like I only like boys for six more years.”

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