Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

Teddy grew up in a fairly conservative household: very Christian and strict, they said.

When they were 13, Teddy realized that they weren’t comfortable identifying as a girl.

“I discovered who I am because of a chain of events that happened after my mother came out as bisexual,” they said. “In January, when I decided to tell my mom that I was nonbinary, things went downhill.”

She told them not to label themselves at such a young age, and that they should wait until they’re 20 to decide who they are.

She said nothing like that to their sister who came out as bi, Teddy explained.

“In February, when I came out to my dad, who is homophobic and transphobic, things got worse.”

He ignored them that whole day, and since then, has been treating them differently.

“He’s been more aggressive,” Teddy said. “When my mom was visiting me once, she and my dad kept misgendering me. When I tried to correct them, my mom told me I was born a girl, I will always be a girl and that I should just accept reality.

“She looked at me like I was mentally ill, like I belonged in some kind of psych ward. She said that I shouldn’t get so easily offended because sometimes people mistake her for straight and she just laughs it off.”

“Those aren’t even the same,” they said. “My parents don’t accept me and it often makes me dysphoric.

“I wish I never came out to them.”

Editor’s note: This article was originally posted March 16, 2021.

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